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Are your feet killing you?
Here's the scoop on Plantar Fasciitis.

by Stephanie Lee, CMT

Some clients are all too familiar with Plantar Fasciitis and to some it is a mystery. As a massage therapist, I get many clients asking if I think they have it and want to know what they can do about it.

Plantar Fasciitis is characterized by a sharp pain in the heel and along the sole of the foot. When the fascia, tendons and muscles get inflamed it can cause tightness and considerable pain in the bottom of the foot. Common causes include flat feet, over training, wearing flip flops or other shoes with out heel support, or walking barefoot.

For immediate relief, try warming the bottom surface of the foot with a heating pad or by rolling a jar filled with warm water along the sole of your foot. The warmth will help to increase the blood flow and loosen the muscles and tendons. Self massage helps as well, try to focus on massaging the muscles and tissues that connect the heel of the foot to the toes. Using a tennis ball or something similar to roll your foot on can help too. Remember that timely intervention is the key, as soon as you feel your foot tighten up, stop what you are doing, take off your shoes and try to massage it before it gets worse.

For long term care, it is best to see a podiatrist or doctor for a diagnosis. Try to wear comfortable, wide shoes with proper arch support and use an orthotic insert when necessary. Avoid wearing high-heels, especially heels 2" or more in height. Fully enclosed shoes with good arch support are the best to manage and avoid various types of foot pain.

Can massage help?

Including professional massage for recovery and maintenance can help to alleviate pain and get you back on your feet faster. A massage therapist can isolate the specific muscles and tissues that are causing the problem, help reduce adhesions and get your feet stretched out. Massage is good for both immediate and long term care. It can help you feet feel better in just a few minutes and can help to keep the muscles long and in good condition in the long run.

For help with your specific problem, contact any of our massage therapists directly. All of our therapists are highly skilled and trained to help you with your individual needs. Make sure you talk with your therapist about your specific problem and show them where the pain is. With good communication, your therapist can work on the areas that cause the you the most discomfort to get quick results.