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Here's a quick and easy way to help relieve tension from
too much computer work.

By Steven Rice, CMT

If you spend a lot of time at a computer and get a"knot" in your upper back, near the base of the neck, here is a great stretch to help relieve tension in that area.

Stand up and put your hands behind you back with your fingers laced together. Take a big breath in, and with straight arms, pull your hands downward as you exhale. Your shoulders should come back as your chest moves up. Take a few more deep breathes, each time pulling your shoulders back and gently bend your torso backward as you exhale. Don't try to bend too far right away.

The idea is to stretch your shoulders down and back instead of up and forward, and to straighten your torso instead of slumping forward, as you often do while working at the computer.

It doesn't take long, so try to do this at least once an hour.

For more details and other stretches, you can visit Steve's website at and talk with your therapist for modifications appropriate to your own body.