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Chai Narin

Certified Massage Therapist,
Traditional Thai Massage,
Thai Herbal Ball Massage


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About Chai

Services offered

• Swedish Massage • Thai Herbal Ball Massage
• Traditional Thai Massage • Chair Massage


Originally from Thailand Chai Narin offers a unique and effective style of massage. He integrates techniques from Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish Massage and uses traditional Thai tools such as an Herbal Ball. Chai is very intuitive with his work and is able to identify areas of tension and focus on getting the muscles to relax an release.

A typical session is based in Swedish massage, using a special blend of oil and using professional draping techniques. He uses long, gliding strokes to relax and warm the muscles. He then uses a warm herbal ball to help warm the muscles more and release tension. At the end of every session Chai performs a series of assisted stretching which is welcoming after the massage. Using these techniques, Chai's massage is incredibly relaxing and effective.

Chai also practices Traditional Thai Massage, the client is ususally fully dressed and Chai uses more focused pressure to help release tension and open energy pathways in the body. He uses his knuckles, fists, forearms and elbows to get deep into the muscles. He also uses a variety of stretching techniques to help open up the body. Many describe Traditional Thai Massage as "assisted Yoga" and it can be very relaxing and centering.

Chai is also trained in Reflexology, an effective foot massage that effects the body's systems and organs. He can integrate Reflexology into your massage session upon request or can work primarily on your feet.

Chai holds an MA in Educational Counseling and Psychology from the University of San Francisco. He was trained at the Ayurvedic Association of Thailand in Bangkok in Traditional Thai Massage and received certification in Massage Therapy from the Institute for Business and Technology (IBT) in Santa Clara, CA.


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"As a massage therapist and owner of Restore, I have had a lot of massage but I had never had one like this before. The combination of Chai's deep tissue work and the heat of the herbal balls was wonderful. I keep coming back for more and I think a few of our other therapists are hooked too!"

-Stephanie Lee,
CMT, Owner of Restore.