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Diane Evans

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Pre/Post Natal Massage Therapist

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About Diane

Services offered

• Swedish Massage • Pre- and Post- Natal Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage • Sports Massage

Diane believes that massage is an important ingredient in maintaining your body’s health. It affords you the opportunity to slow down and relax, allowing you time to reconnect with your body and mind. From a physical perspective, massage also reduces stress, increases blood circulation, assists in muscle repair and helps maintain your body’s full range of motion.

By listening to and assessing your particular condition and circumstances, Diane tailors each session to meet your individual needs. In doing so, she combines several modalities.

During a relaxation massage, Diane's goal is to reconnect your body and mind since we tend to disembody ourselves during our hectic daily lives. Her style is based in Swedish techniques using a mixture of solid connective strokes combined with stretches and slow detailed work in the areas of tension.

A therapeutic and sports massage session generally concentrates on areas of discomfort or pain. The sessions tend to be more interactive and call upon you to participate in facilitated stretches and other types of movement techniques. The goal of this type of session is to increase your range of motion, help relieve chronic pain, and as a preventive measure, help you become aware of your body mechanics. It also helps your muscles recover faster after a strenuous workout and prepare for your next big event.

Prenatal massage helps you experience a more comfortable pregnancy by relieving the added stress your body feels on its weight-bearing joints, as well as discomfort caused by muscle imbalances. It also reduces swelling, assists in maintaining proper posture, and provides a caring and relaxing environment ideal for rejuvenating your body while also providing nurturing support for your baby.

Diane is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, she graduated from Body Therapy Center with 625 Hours of education which included Fundamentals, Advanced Bodywork, Clinical Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage. She is also certified in Pre-Natal and Post Partum massage through the Kate Jordan Bodywork for the Childbearing Years course and is a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

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"Diane provided an excellent massage. She was very professional, and also considerate, pleasant and focused on my specific problem areas. I agree that she is an awesome massage therapist."
Los Altos, CA

"Diane provided a great first prenatal massage. She did a good job focusing on my
specific problem areas, rather than doing some standard generic massage. I will definitely see her again and would recommend her for prenatal or regular massage."
Los Altos, CA

"Diane is an awesome massage therapist. She really listens to what I want and works with just the right amount of pressure. I have had countless massages in the bay area and she's one of the best."

Los Altos, CA